This is an excerpt of the visual work presented at the end of the lovely residency at Oudeis (Le Vigan / Ganges), France promoted by Eufònic and Institut Ramon Llull. I want to give a million thanks to Oudeis team, they were amazing. 

Silicone is based on a simple idea: acquire data to develop a new reality from it. After latest political developments in Catalonia and its press treatment, I felt I could explore how to bend reality to own interest. Twisting facts and manipulating reality is like medicine: it works when you get the right dose at the right time. Nothing new. Managed outcomes brought us to this post-political world, but at the end of the day, this process is inherent to human condition. We’ve seen this before in last USA election, Brexit, dictatorships, tulip mania, religious texts, cave paintings. Control of narrative is more important than narrative per se.

The process of environment acquisition lasted 3 days:
+ One day and a half of exploring surroundings and streets of Le Vigan to select interesting spots. 
+ One afternoon scanning people at Le Vigan (Looots of thanks to the amazing people at Café des Chataigners!)
+ One day scanning streets and forest around Le Vigan. It involved a beautiful 3hr walk from Le Vigan to Avèze through the woods and following the path of little streams flowing into the Arre. 

After that I set up a mini sound reactive engine in Unity with new and reused code from other pieces done before. The final oniric world is a limbo of uncanny ambiences with pre-2k game aesthetics where local people is glitched and deformed by sound in front of well-known spots for them. 

Live sound then built the emotional story. I took advantage of what 'En Chantier' ('in process') suggested, so I decided to embrace the scenes with emotional pads and opressing MIDI textures just triggered by 2 myo sensors playing virtual synths, searching a bit the Clockwork Orange contrast with classical music opposed to violence sequences. 

Download here (free or donate)

Carlos Martorell