Mira Festival


Last weekend I was lucky to play MIRA Festival, and had a chance to debut in big screen/stage format a new show after .nfo drone/granular live sets era. 

Visual show was based on some ideas derived from Vaseline album development, explorations and experiments with reality transformations and blurring fact and fiction involving all parts of the process: acquisition, twisting and exposure. It was developed with Unity, involving sound reactive models acquired through 3D scanning and photogrammetry. 

Sonic part was stripped down to be playable with an Artiphon Instrument 1 and a virtual FM synth. It included new songs (I hope will be released in the next few weeks!), live jamming with MIDI textures and Monitoring Activity from Vaseline (Memory No. 36, 2017).

Set was recorded live for Feeel (betevé TV show)

Carlos MartorellSHOEG