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Terrarium is a possible OST for a virtual greenhouse visit, with its polygonal birds roaming over your head and a fluid simulation generated waterfall. Inside this greenhouse they have done a botanic treatise, picking the most prominent specimens. Plants with their own life, observed through a time-lapse camera, explaining their own evolution into the ecosystem.

Recorded on 23/11/2018 at La Isla by Pablo Miranda.
Mixed and mastered by David Viñolas and Carlos Martorell.
Cover art by Carlos Martorell.


01. Adiantum Raddianum
02. Phalaenopsis Pantherina
03. Lophophora Williamsii
04. Nephentes Khasiana
05. Fittonia Albivenis
06. Chlorophytum Comosum


La Música Amanseix Les Feres / Toneshift / Àlex Gómez-Font




Void is a black box, an algorithm able to transform (using sensors in the wrists) David Viñolas' energy into sound fabric, which Carlos Martorell gives the final touch.