Ensemble Topogràfic




+ Xavi Lloses.

Premiere - 2 & 3/2/2019, L’Auditori (Barcelona)



01. 0x00000001 05:20
02. 0x0000001F 06:00
03. 0x000A0000 06:52
04. 0xFFFFFFFF 12:52

Audio record from Llac released by Memory No. 36 Recordings.
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Premiered at Sala Hiroshima, Barcelona

Llac (Lake) is the our last performance work premiered in October 2016, integrating and intertwining technology and art through movement and sound. A travel where technology is both a medium and a background for the abstract story based in dual existence between reality and avatar, the digital legacy and our relationship with society in both sides of the screen from a romantic point of view. On stage we find an abstraction of the aquatic ecosystem with a huge plastic waterfall, projected snowy mountains and a mirror to create a bare and tense mood.

The most prominent tool onstage is a Myo armband which allows Anna Hierro to create her own sound intimately bond to her movements, and to manage whole parts of the show. Her arm positions are sent a hundred times per second wirelessly to the computer using Bluetooth LE, where sound is generated using Max/MSP and Ableton Live.

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Ensemble Topogràfic

01. Boira 21:12
02. Sediment 21:15

Cydonia / Boira Discos
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Navigating between electronic music, folk, ambient, noise and dance, the collective embraces a total fusion of movement and sound putting an arsenal of guitars samplers and computers at the service of musical constant that goes far beyond interdisciplinary. Their first homonymous album is made up of two twenty-minute parts ( Boira/Sediment ), but it is on stage that this formation from the Delta de l'Ebre really comes into its own.

Created between August 2013 and March 2014.

Artwork by Arnau Pi
Recorded at Estudis Nautilus

Boira excerpts appearing in film No Quiero Perderte Nunca (Alejo Levis, 2017)


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Created in residency at Eufònic Festival.
Premiered at Eufònic and Eufònic Urbà 2013.

Listen to a first recording of Balada in residency.


El Pla B (BTV) / Núvol de Fum (Ràdio Mollet) / Cabaret Elèctric (iCat) / Siglo 21 (RNE3)