I'm Carlos Martorell, a sound and visual artist. I don’t consider myself a musician neither a coder, although I make sounds and code regularly.

My main interest is the symbiotic relationship between humans and technology, and experimentation with technology as a political tool to manage perception. I'm fascinated by body movement translated into other realities. I believe in the powerful relationship between movement/image and sound. I usually work on the instrument as work/piece paradigm as well as usually develop processes as message. Other topics I'm interested in include human communication and privacy. 

My tools are Max/MSP, Live, Unity, hardware and software synths, motion sensors, (emotional) data collection.

Photo:  Alice Brazzit  @ Tupper #5

Photo: Alice Brazzit @ Tupper #5

I'm performing as Shoeg, my visual and sound solo project. I've released some albums and EPs: Faith Exotica (Nyapster, 2018), Container (Orange Milk, 2018), The Swarm (901 Editions, 2018), Vaseline (Memory No. 36 Recordings, 2017), Tanz (Boira Discos, 2015),...

I've developed my own virtual worlds with 3D scanning and Unity, either as part of my live sets or as independent installations. 


I'm also one half of Ensemble Topogràfic, a collective settled in Barcelona building up their pieces intertwining movement and sound. This project allowed me to work and experiment with devices enabling movement to interact with sound in live sets.

As Ensemble Topogràfic we also have released sound albums of our performances: Ensemble Topogràfic (Cydonia/Boira Discos, 2014) and Llac (Memory No. 36 Recordings, 2017), revolving around naive use of our online avatar. 

Our third iteration will be METEORA (2019), a new work developed with Xavi Lloses. 

Ensemble Topogràfic @ Sala Hiroshima

Ensemble Topogràfic @ Sala Hiroshima

VOID live

VOID live

My last project VOID is a collaboration with David Viñolas on drums. The third member is VOID, the black box, an algorithm able to transform (using sensors in the wrists) David Viñolas' energy into sound fabric. 


I've also worked as a composer for dance companies, either with the MTM collective or solo: Rèplica (Laia Santanach, 2018) LO.LI.TA and El Octavo Día (La Taimada, 2016) and Spam (Núria Guiu, 2015). Here is a full list of works.

Finally, I do video works for friends and other kind of collaborations.



SHOEG - shoegmusic[@]gmail[.]com / Booking: claudia[@]fandango[.]cat
ENSEMBLE TOPOGRÀFIC - ensembletopografic[@]gmail[.]com / Booking: claudia[@]fandango[.]cat
VOID - voidalgorisme[@]gmail[.]com
WORKSHOPS - carlosmartorellpla[@]gmail[.]com



Complete list of performances / Music for dance works


Shoeg / Thing You Don’t See / Eternal
VOID / Terrarium LP / Self-released
Shoeg / Resilience / Exclusive track for Ears Have Ears (FBi Radio)
Ensemble Topogràfic + Xavi Lloses / METEORA / Performance


Shoeg / Faith Exotica LP / Nyapster
Shoeg / CONTAINER LP / Orange Milk
Shoeg + Josep Maria Comajuncosas / Coda / Music for Vinfonies festival
Shoeg / Aseptic / Eco Futurism Corporation
Shoeg / The Swarm LP / 901 Editions
Shoeg / Smell Context / Nyapster
Shoeg / Oaht - Waterboy Rework / Sweat Taste


Shoeg / Silicone / Sound reactive visual engine / Developed in residency @ Oudeis (France)
Shoeg / Everything Is Going To Be OK EP / Self-released
Shoeg / Royce Rolo & Monkey's Cymbal - Oculus Riff (Rework) / Sweat Taste
Shoeg / Vaseline LP / Memory No. 36 Recordings
Ensemble Topogràfic / Llac LP / Memory No. 36 Recordings


Nico Roig / Quan Encara (from Vol. 71 LP) / Electronic drums
Shoeg / Forces Elèctriques d'Andorra - Cornelisz (Edit) / Bubota Discos
Ensemble Topogràfic / Llac / Performance
IRL [n-1] / Artistic meeting


Shoeg / Data Center X EP / Boira Discos
Shoeg / .nfo EP / Boira Discos
Ensemble Topogràfic / Ensemble Topogràfic LP / Cydonia + Boira Discos
Shoeg / Tanz LP / Boira Discos


Shoeg / Panorama LP / Boira Discos
Ensemble Topogràfic / Sediment / Performance


Ensemble Topogràfic / Balada / Performance