Memory No. 36 Recordings
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Lubrication. Distance. Cohabitating. Loss of self. Synthesis as present. Sampling as past. Not in the future. Mediocre. Cowardice. Dehumanization. Blurring of message. Filtering and relaxation. Non-movement. Very fucking real sim city. Populism. Tyranny. Nationalism. Altered state. Reality immitation. Privacy. Self-imposed censorship. FM sound. Political correctness. How we receive information. Quantized. Processed. Emulation. The way we relate to other people. VST. Randomness. Parodies. Its been something latent for years. Softness. Work. Opinion. Criticism. Nice short polyphony note stopping effect. Cultural equality. Synesthesia. Recurring problems. Vaseline. 


Videos made with Google Tango, photogrammetry and Unity


TIUmag / AQNB / Paralelo 3 (RNE3) / Club Marabú ( / Tiny Mix Tapes / Dying Songs (Dublab) / Trevor Jackson (NTS) / L'Hora Hac (Ràdio Flix) / Gimme Tinnitus / Dying Songs (Dublab) 2 / TIUmag (interview) / Ara Play (cover/int.) / Kaltblut Magazine / Rockdelux / RBMA Bamboleo



Royce Rolo & Monkey's Cymbal - Oculus Riff (SHOEG REWORK)

Sweat Taste




Forces Elèctriques d'Andorra - Cornelisz (Shoeg's Batavia Edit)

Bubota Discos


TIUmag / La Muerte Tenía Un Blog / MondoSonoro  / AraBalears



Núria Guiu 
Music for contemporary dance performance with Protopixel/Tigrelab light design. Premiered in Premi de Dansa IT 2015



CC BY-NC-ND / Released by Boira Discos
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Cover design by Vik Autofocus

Tanz is somewhere between Cnossos palace and skyscrapers before 11-S, in a VR space build in media limbo. The air is fulfilled with melancholy and desires of keeping human structures on foot.


* Some guy shot this ambush in GTA V with Multiplex :D (video)



TIUmag / TIUmag 2 / ShookDown / TIUmag 3 / Núvol de Fum (Ràdio Mollet) / Núvol de Fum 2 / RBMA Bamboleo / RBMA Bamboleo 2 / Lapsus (RNE3) / Paralelo3 (RNE3) / Vericuetos (Radio Kras) / L'Hora Hac (Ràdio Flix)



CC BY-NC-ND / Self-released / Reissued by Boira Discos
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Apartament18 / Concepto Radio / Microphones In The Trees / Surtdecasa / Núvol de Fum (Ràdio Mollet) / Gent Normal