Max MSP patches



Coded in Max/MSP 7.3.4 - Max for live device

Download last version (2.4)
Micro:bit hex code (+), (-)

This is my first serious attempt about doing something with Max/MSP. I started toying with this idea some years ago, but recently I evolved the plugin to something that allowed me to create Container, Faith Exotica or The Swarm, as well as some excerpts of Vaseline in its first stages, as well as some live work for Ensemble Topogràfic.

This tool has changed my way of making music. I switched thinking about note layering (the more traditional oriented composition) to density/texture/controlled randomness ideas.

This plugin works with micro:bits connected through USB serial port, but is easily adaptable to other sensors (myo, leap motion, ipod touch…). Why I use them? They are supercheap, and have a couple of buttons, which enable to control a couple of parameters (pitch bend (PB), mute all notes (K)).

With some recent additions, this version is a bit unstable for now.


PB - Pitch Bend (assigned to Button A)
K - Mute (Kill) all notes (assigned to Button B)

Detect - Checks all available serial ports
Start - Start reading the serial port
Stop - Stop reading the serial port

Qtz - Quantization on/off
V>RN - Velocity alters randomness (more velocity implies more randomness)

N RG - Note range (min/max)
V RG - Velocity range (min/max)
V CR - Velocity correction (by addition)

SKIP - 1 doesn’t skip any notes, 2 skips one of each 2 notes, 3 skips two of each three notes…
RES - Resolution output (bigger value results in less notes)

RND - Amount of randomness, centered on the generated note.
R DL - Max amount of random time delaying the output note (ms).

DUR - Duration of the note (ms)
MIDI CH - Midi channel output

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